Reconfigure FP3 power /screenshot button- change to airplane mode?

Hey there - excited with my new FP3.
One issue tho is the power switch - it offers power / restart / screenshot. I never need screenshot and you can do it via volume+power buttons as well.

Please - is it possible to reconfigure the switch to get me to aeroplane mode?
I prefer this to using do not disturb when I am working, meeting, watching a theatre or movie show.
Many thanks,

Just to make sure (no rhetorical suggestion): You are aware you can edit your shortcut menu (the one you get with one swipe from the top down) to include aeroplane mode?


Many thanks, that works for me. It’s all done and working.
Though I’m not sure why screen shot is so prioritised as to be on the power button as standard.


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It’s not rare that people struggle to get the screenshot button combo right, and the button combo includes the power button anyway, so I can kind of see where this came from.

I don’t see much harm in making additional entries in this menu configurable, but since Fairphone for good reasons messes as little as possible with the Android Google provides, that would be up to Google, so good luck with that :slight_smile: .

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