Recommendations Fairphone 5

I am considering to change my F3 and buy the F5.
I always had issues with my Fairphones : F2 had many problems with the camera, while F3 got really slow in the last months, although I have reboot it.
So do you recommend buying a F5? Does it have a good camera?

Thé FP5 camera is much better than on the FP3 but it’s not as good as some other phones. You can see some photos in one of the threads in the forum.

If you’d like to continue using your FP3, I would recommend a factory reset. That will get rid of lots of clutter and should restore performance. You must back up all your data and settings first, and I would recommend you make a list of the apps you will want to reinstall afterwards.

Otherwise, yes I can recommend the FP5. The main camera has two lenses, one wide-angle. As Alain says, you can see some results here.

I’ve had it since October and I’m very happy with it.

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I have an FP5, and whilst I only just switched to FairPhone I can assure you that the camera is very good. Good magnification, although the quality does drop noticeable when you zoom in - not surprising I’m the slightest - but is still very good. It is also a fairly fast phone. It can get a bit hot if you play some demanding games, but the phone holds up with the game graphics suitably low.

The only point that I would make is maybe don’t get the FP4 as the phone will not be maintained by FairPhone too much longer.

I am still holding out hope for a camera module upgrade to be released as I’ve seen conversations about that before that FairPhone have replied to (providing some hope of an upgrade).

The F5 ultimately is very good.

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Where did you learn that? The FP4 is still advertised for sale with a 5-year warranty.

But sure, it’s usually best to get the most recent if you can.

It was a comparison, and was only intended as a recommendation for the FairPhone5. I understand that the FP4 is still a viable Phone.

In fact there is only one thing against the fp5 according to me when you come from an FP3 : the FP5 is bigger and heavier.

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Thank you so much for your replies! I will consider to buy a FP5 :blush:


it’s not that I think your FP3 cannot be rescued, but if you are considering purchasing a new FP5, please have a look at FP3(+) customers promotion - Fairphone Promotions and Offers - Fairphone. If I read it well, provided you buy a phone till the end of the month, you should be able to get 20% discount.

Plus you may perhaps try selling your FP3, the Fairphone will offer a 40 euro gift card, but I have seen better offers at the forum.

Finally, there is this promotional offer with a 100 euro card for spare parts but I am not sure whether you can mix and merge all of them. If yes, the last one is only till 14 July.

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Does anyone know how to actually use that Fairphone 3 -promotion? I couldn´t find a voucher code or anything like that.

I remember vaguely some reported getting it via email.


Yes def. that was a personal voucher sent via E-Mail only to those it was applicable for


Ok, thanks! 20% off does sound tempting, although you´d in general want to use the old FP3+ for as long as you possibly can. The cameras of FP5 make it tempting for me.

I bought a FP5 because my FP3 had become so slow that it was barely usable. Factory reset only helped a little and for a few weeks before it began again to slow down. And I’m not talking about games as I don’t play at all, just general usage. I guess it had something to do with some apps but I never got to find which despite months of trying.
In comparison, the FP5 is super fast and have a very good camera. It was worth the invest. Now I just feel like having a normal phone in my hands.
It’s indeed heavier and a little bigger but that’s not a big deal to me. I was afraid about the battery capacity but it’s actually fairly good for my use case.