Receiving MMS while mobile data is off


I’m not already a FP2 owner but I have a first daily usage question:

For battery and data consumption reasons on all my phones I only activate mobile data when I need it, for example to get weather with an app, or train schedules … or sending an MMS

My brother (on iOS) doesn’t receive message at all if he doesn’t activate data, that’s annoying !
On my smartphones (current and previous) I receive a text message with a link “Get multimedia content” I can click after activating data and it will load the picture and text associated

What about LineageOS with microG I’m planning to use ? Can someone test or have already an experience with that ?

I’m not sure it would behave the same when data is not available but active or manually off

Thanks !

A SMS with a link is received when MMS is not activated for your number. That’s because of the compatibility to old “dumbphones” which do not support MMS. MMS can be activated, mostly by sending a MMS yourself or sending a special SMS to your provider.

It is not MMS, but the “iMessage” service. It sends messages via Internet instead of SMS or MMS when both partners use iPhones. It has the advantage of saving SMS/MMS fees, but does not work when data is turned off. Your brother can deregister from iMessage if he wishes to receive messages without data enabled. The deregistration procedure is mandantory when switching away from iOS.

Fairphone runs on Android which does not feature such a service by default.* But there are third-party apps which could introduce such a service. Signal is an example (which I have installed, Internet messages are used for communication with my parents).

*The Google-equipped Android has “Android Messages” as default SMS/MMS app which features RCS. RCS is an internet-based chat service provided by some mobile providers. It can be circumvented when using a third-party app without RCS support from beginning on.

The MMS I’m speaking of are standards MMS sent from my phone, which is not an iOS one, I should have wrote that instead of hoping you’d read in my thoughts :slight_smile:
So I don’t think he receives my MMS from iMessage but from the mobile operator data which he turns off like me when not needed
I know he uses iMessage with other people so he won’t unsubscribe from it

My MMS service is active (included and unlimited number of SMS/MMS, not counted from the data quota), the link I got is opened in the SMS itself. The link is replace by the MMS content when the phone is online (mobile data only, not wifi) and the link is clicked. That’s useful in my usage, I can only open the picture if I want and if I’m on an high speed mobile data network

I can’t find a video to show you, they only show the configuration and reception with data always on

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