Reboot / restart after call

Hi, I am new in the forum. since maybe 2 weeks, I got troubles with my FP2. When I try to call the phone reboots/restarts 90%. The receiver gets the call and is able to pick up, but since my phone is restarting I am not able to answer.
Receiving calls is not a problem Can somebody advise me what to do? OS 17.10.2

I’ve started to have the same problem recently. I don’t know if it’s to do with the last update.

I have two SIMs enabled. I noticed that if I disable one then it seems to work ok calling from the other. But this isn’t a very convenient temporary fix!

The update as such can not be the problem, as I use two SIM cards as well but have not encountered any such problem.
Perhaps it might be the phone app? Are you on the standard app?
I’ve often read in the forum, that it might help to clear the cache of the app, but it’s just guesswork on my behalf.

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I’m reopening « Reboot / restart after call » because I encounter exactly the same problem.

I’ve the Fairphone 2 with open OS 18.04.1. This bug is relatively new (maybe since the last upgrade in april?), but I’m sure I never have this problem before march of this year. I try to change the top module in april (because I found it was often a bit hot) but it changes nothing.

Does any one encounter the same problem, has a solution?

Thank you very much.

If you use dual SIM and the reboots happen just after selecting the appropriate SIM card then try waiting at least 4-5 second before selecting the SIM (and so starting the call). I know it may sounds a bit strange, but if you do that, I’m quite sure the reboot will no longer happen.

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Your workaround seems to work very well. I first disabled the sim choice when calling and no reboot occurs during this time, then I try your solution by waiting some time before choosing one or the other sim before a call and no reboot occurs too.

Thus it seems there is a bug, maybe introduced by some recent upgrade (april? march?) as I never encounter this before.

Does someone from Fairphone can confirm this bug? Does the android 7 move will fix it definitely?

Thanks again @Volker for the workaround!


It’s a very old bug, see here:
It seemed to have been fixed in Android 6 update but obviously in rare cases it wasn’t.
As it’s a timing problem I suppose it’s not related to an update but maybe to system performance…
I’ll test if I can reproduce it in Android 7 beta.
EDIT: I can’t reproduce the issue in Android 7 beta. So I suppose the problem will be solved as soon as the update is available.

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Thanks for the details. I cannot access to the topic you shared, but I got the point :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll try the new android 7 beta as soon as I’ve some time to manually install it (as I’m blocked by the issue #21 for an OTA update).

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