Reboot loop suddenly appears

Hi out there.
I have a major problem with my Fairphone 2, I hope someone can help me with.
Today my FP2 suddenly enters some kind of “reboot loop”, where the phone “reboots”, the Fairphone logo appears (with the “powered by android” in the bottom), a blue screen briefly appears (like 0.05 sec), it reboots and vibrate, and repeat the steps mentioned above.
The same happens when I charge the battery.
And the only way I can stop this infinite reboot loop is to take out the battery.

This happens suddenly after I used the map in the Naviki app.

Can you still get into #dic:recoverymode?

Hi paulakreuzer.
Thanks for the answer.
What is #dic:recoverymode? A command? Or is it the same as Safe mode?
I try to get in to the Safe mode. But here the phone vibrates, and then freeze with the Fairphone logo, and the blue light flashing.

It is a link you can click or tap on, leading to a description of what the recocery mode is :wink: .

Ohh, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
But no, when I do as mentioned in the link (unplugging all cables and pressing power and volume up at the same time), the same happens. So unfortunately, I can’t enter Recovery Mode neither.

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