Reattaching cushion fabric on Fairbuds XL Headphones

Hello everyone,

I recently had a small accident with my Fairbuds XL headphones. I fell asleep and accidentally rested my arm on them in an awkward way, which caused the fabric of the right headphone cushion to come loose. Fortunately, there was no tearing. It seems like the fabric is attached to the plastic with adhesive.

My plan is to fix it myself. I’ve already managed to remove the four small screws on the back of the cushion using a Phillips #00 screwdriver. Now, I want to use Loctite glue to reattach the fabric. However, I’m having trouble accessing the area where the fabric and plastic connect. I tried gently prying it open, but I’m cautious about applying too much force and potentially breaking it.

As I’m based in the USA, getting a replacement cushion is quite challenging. Has anyone here disassembled their Fairbuds XL cushion before? Any advice on how to safely access the fabric attachment area would be greatly appreciated. Photo attached below.

Thank you in advance!


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