Rearranging Categories (again)

See this is what I mean about making these decisions, in order to understand the ‘maze’ you have to understand the logic of the persons that designed them.

I do think we need to keep things simple, and also avoid doing things that make it harder (and therefore less accessible) without the ‘knowledge’.

At heart we need

  • A place to get help
  • A place people can participate/share/discuss android & other os’s, testing/bugs and hardware things non help related
  • A place to discuss fairphone things
  • A place to discuss anything else
  • A place to buy/sell

Sub-cats beyond this are not essential for all of these


So much for

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Are you saying that @paulakreuzer and I aren’t persons? :scream: :robot: :rotating_light:

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Well, it wasn’t my intention to jeopardize the discussion! Sorry for the offtopic, :bowing_man:

Now, that full categories list of @paulakreuzer look promising! :smiley:

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I would also even more decrease the sub-categories*, and make category names shorter. The latter would result in (in many cases) expressive category slugs:

  • Discuss (super-cat for everything else)
    • Fairphone #discuss:fairphone (both products and company)
    • The Forum #discuss:the-forum
  • Participate (super-cat for all other projects)
    • Local #participate:local
    • Development #participate:dev
    • Do It Yourself #participate:diy
    • Beta #participate:beta
    • Fairphone Angels #participate:angels
  • Help (including guides)
    • FP1 #help:fp1
    • FP2 #help:fp2
    • Guides #help:guides (rename to make it clear that individual issues in respect to [any OS] still go to one of the other Help sub-categories).
  • Buy/Sell

If we see the need for more #discuss sub-categories as we go, we can simply add them later. :slight_smile:

* I’m referring a bit to @Chris_R’s minimalistic model:

Especially the two “discuss” categories he envisioned are perfectly enough IMHO, for the moment.


I like that proposal too, only the #discuss:fairphone category would probably take some time to get used to, since it would be a merged place for topics that are now found in many different categories:

  • Topics in a help-category that are not really help-requests, but rather general questions about the products.
  • Most of the topics in current software categories that won’t then go into help.
  • Many hardware topics.
  • All of the Roadmap category
  • All topics that are currently only in Community because that is where stuff goes that doesn’t fit anywhere else.

So this might even be the largest category then.
Maybe splitting it at least into 2 would be better. So:

  • Discuss
    • The Products
    • Fairphone and the Industry
    • The Forum

Oh and just to make sure we’re all on the same page: Rants go into Discuss right?

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I would be fine with this, though I’m not sure about some topics, whether they’d go into #discuss:the-products or #discuss:the-industry. (I’d count the company Fairphone towards the industry and don’t explicitly mention it in the category name.)

For example, I’m unsure about (all in #fairphone-road-map atm):

Where do you see the separating line? :slight_smile:

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I see a possible one: The Products is about non-theoretical questions about the existing products and The Industry about future products and wishes.
Then those would all be in The Industry.

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