Rear-Facing Speaker mute

Hello dear community,

I recently got a new buttom module because the micophone was mute; it does work after the Dialer App reset, finally.
But lately, the rear-facing speaker won’t work either (I updated the new software). It is not too bad, but I can’t hear my phone ringing & I have no alarm, which is crucial :wink:
I tried the old buttom module, where the speaker def. worked, and it is still mute. So, I guess it is some software issue, how can I fix this?

Regards, Jessica

After nothing wokred anymore (speaker and microphone), I build in the old module again and tried it (I thought I might be stupid and build in the wrong module) but still nothing. Build back the new moudle and voilà, everything back to normal, speaker AND mic !

I don’t know what was wrong since I reboot it couple of times … hopefully it will last like this fingers cross