Rear camera cover for the Fairphone 4

Hi everyone,

Is there any rear camera cover for the Fairphone 4, and with easy removing in case of wanting to take a picture, like any other classic webcam cover ?

If not, is there any “danger” to place little magnets on the phone? (I heard that magnets can erase o damage softwares or electronics components). I was thinking of putting some clothe above the camera using adhesive magnets on the phone case.

Hi magnets do not generally damage electronics unless they are extremely powerful what you may be thinking of is more how they effect the functioning.

Try putting magnets near the phone to see what happens to signal strength, the giro orientation etc.

So you can glue a small ring of steel to the case on the outside around the camera and then have a small piece of material with magnets.

Wouldn’t it come off?

How about a case, do you use one ? a case with a flap.

The back cover is removable and you could get a slightly stronger one with a window that is just on a pivot.

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Ok, that’s good to know, thanks!

I’ll try that !

The phone is already in a phone wallet case (the imitation leather kind with a comprehensive body and screen protection, and it has a hole for the cameras). I was thinking of putting some little adhesive magnets on the wallet, a piece of clothe, and the other pair of the magnet above, using that kind of magnet : DIYMAG Magnetic Adhesive Sheets, it should work…

I can’t picture what you’re saying, do you have a link or something?

I just can’t understand why they didn’t think of making phone cases and phone wallet cases with integrated camera covers easily removable to be able to take a picture when you want and cover the camera the rest of the time.


Maybe have a look at that wallet case, if you don’t find a good solution:

Forget that ~ you have a case.

I was thinking more of a flap attached to the case that pivots on a small rivet than you can rotate.

So why do want one, is it to keep the lens safe etc?

First of all for privacy, and yes, also to protect the lens, but this is secondary.

I’d like to see that! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, that could be an option, not perfect but already something… Thank you! I’ll have to check if they exist for FP4 (phone size).

You know like those little flaps that cover peep holes in doors. :slight_smile:

I had a piece of material, inside the case on my FP3 to keep dirt out of the USB port depending upon the case and what you are prepared to do you can have a slit either side of the camera with a piece of material that runs through the slits and across the lens ~ with a hole in it so you can slide it and expose the lens. :slight_smile:

Now you have me thinking;

A round disk with a little arm that protrude slightly through the side of the case so can swivel up and down.

Finally I think a flap on the outside of the case, sewn at the bottom with a little poppet to hold it the top when you want to close it.

Let’s create our own phone cases company! :smile: :wink:

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