Re-occuring Discourse error message

From time to time, upon submitting my posts, I get the following error message:

Unknown error saving post, try again. Error: 0 error

However, my post is submitted and added to the thread in question.
Q: Anyone else also seeing this?

I sometimes have this, when connecting on my FP through Firefox for Android, and I think it happens, when there is no data for a short moment, but the post gets delivered regardlessly.

I’m seeing this being on a desktop, firmly connected via symmetric 100 mbit. I can nearly see the backbone router from here. :wink: So I’d guess it’s not connectivity on this end causing this.

I used the forum on my FP only one single time. It’s not really suited for mobile use.


I’ve had a look on the discourse meta forum and the only similar issue related to Error 500 which was fixed in a prior version upgrade.

Maybe if others come forward with the same issue we can establish the scenario behind it.

I’ve also seen the same error message a couple of times when submitting a post on a desktop browser. There never was any real problem, at least none that I noticed. The posts got submitted correctly.

Yesterday, I had the first (and persisting) instance of not being able to reply to a post because of a “unknown server error”. Usually, my post get’s posted. This time, no.

And shortly afterwards, I was wasn’t able to access the forum at all. Seemed to be totally offline. Up to now.

There’s something at odds since the Discourse update. :frowning:

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Yeah, the forum was completely offline yesterday. Hopefully up and running again now :smile:

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