Re-homing FP2 lineageos


I have a FP3 on its way to me and am looking for a new home for my old FP2.

Bought January 2018. I’ve replaced the bottom module once, but it’s already broken again! Living in Australia its difficult getting new parts, but if your in Europe you could easily get the new bottom module in the time it would take me to send you this phone :wink: and swapping the new bottom module in is really easy.
This and the fact that my job means my phone is often below 25% often within 3 hours of waking are the reasons why I’m getting a new phone (that being said when it’s not used intensively it easily lasts all day!). I’m sad to let this phone go because I really did hope to make it my phone for many years longer but just can’t live with the restrictions it’s creating for me any more, which is why I want to re-home it.
Structurally the phone is fine, the screen had always had a screen protector on it so no scratches. I have a few extra protectors which I will obviously throw in with the phone.
I’ve currently got lineageos on it but could potentially flash a different OS if that was preferred by the future owner.
I would definitely want postage paid, but anything after that we can negotiate directly.
Look forward to hearing from any future owners.

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