Re-enable notifications disabled in "Keep showing?"

I’ve noticed that after stopping notifications through the “keep showing?” dialog, I can’t find how to reactivate them. The apps have notifications enabled, but they still don’t show. How can they be reactivated?

Example: I was trying out the German Corona Warn App (nice work!) and it posted a notification when my Bluetooth was off. After clearing the notification a few times, I got the Keep showing? dialog and disabled it. But now I can’t find out how to get it back. Toggling notifications didn’t work. I have the same issue with a few other apps as well.

Could it be that you disabled a certain kind of notification? Below the general toggle for notifications there are often toggles for specific kinds of notifications.
If that’s not it maybe try clearing the app’s cache (or even data) or reinstall the app.


Thanks for the tip, but no luck, even after deinstalling it. Where could the setting be saved on the phone?