Re: Diabetes - F5 Compatibility w/ CGM Libre 3 & CamAPS App

Good evening everyone,
I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if the following apps are compatible with the new Fairphone 5?

  • FreeStyle Libre 3 - GB
  • mylife CamAPS FX (mg/dL)

I would love to swap my current phone to the new Fairphone. However, as I am a type 1 diabetic and rely on the above apps, I’d rather make sure they work before purchasing the phone.
I look forward to hearing back from you! And thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Hi, I just tried both apps, and had no problem installing them from the Play store and opening them on my FP5. (As I’m in Germany it was the DE version of the first app, but GB should make no difference.)

So, welcome to the Fairphone community! :smiling_face:

Not sure installing such apps without using them really is reliable information as it needs to properly connect to the device.

Okay… Just wanted to help. :roll_eyes:

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Not the best approach, however should it not work, you would 14 days to return the phone normally…

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Being an important topic (if you haven’t already done that) I suggest that you should also get in touch with Fairphone support and ask them.


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I have bought FairPhone5.
In case FairPhone5 comes to me, I can test FreeStyle LibreLink application (PL) with Libre 2 sensor.
Libre 3 sensor is not available in Poland, until now -as I know.
Is it ok for you?

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Is it possible to tell in which region/country you live?
Perhaps somebody with a Fairphone 5 living near you is willing to invite you for testing.


Good evening all,
Thank you very much for so many replies, it is much appreciated.
I am not sure if testing on someone else’s phone would be possible as the Libre app needs to connect to a sensor and to start a 14-day session (meaning sensor keeps sending readings to the phone for that amount of time). Those readings are then used by the CamAPS app to run a treatment algorithm.
It is very specific, I am afraid, and very difficult to test quickly :slightly_frowning_face:
My hope was that there actually would be a type 1 diabetic somewhere who used the Libre 3 app on their Fairphone… :crossed_fingers:


While it’s not the definitive certainty yet that you are seeking, there has been a report that at least the Libre app works on the Fairphone 3 running Android 13 (the Fairphone 5 currently runs on Android 13, too). By the way, I tagged this topic we are in as well as the one I linked to and a third one with the hashtag diabetes to better link these.

P.S.: I’ve also shared this request via our community accounts on Mastodon and Twitter now.


I may can not answer your question directly but can give some hints.
I am Typ 1 with a degoogled Fairphone 3 (e/ androird 12)
And I usw the Dexcom 7 in combination with xDrip+.

For my Dexcon I did quite journey to get it working.

  1. maybe obvious, look at the Libre website I would expect that they give some form of requirement (either specific Phones it is licend to work with (this was the case for Dexcom, my phone was not on the list;)) or specific requirements like Bluetooth version x, android Version X, NFc version? Which you could Compare to the Fairphone 5 specs.
  2. There are more ways to succes than just one! I as my phone was not supported, first tried to get a hacked version of the official Descom app, its called Build your own Dexcom or something similar. I got a hacked version of the app, and with that the Dexcom app worked as good as it generally does (not great).
    After some weeks, I looked for further option (especially the high battery drain, and that I had to uploud my data to some cloud were reasons). I found a community, which developed unofficial diy based apps cloud storage and loop systems, its called nightscout
    One of the apps supported by the community is XDrip+ this is the app I used for the last few month. It supports, many differen CGM systems, only the really new once typically need some month to get implemented. There are some Libre options listed. I am not sure about your specific one, but is maybe worth a look, many people do make full Loop systems with xDrip. It is does take much less power and is privacy friendly. There is also something called Open APS.

I hope there will be somebody who can answer your spefic question and wish you all the best.:slight_smile:


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