Re-apply official fairphone screen protector?

I applied the official fairphone privacy screen projector. After finding out the next day the alignment was slightly off, I removed the screen projector and re-applied with the correct alignment, how-ever … one corner does not ‘stick’ anymore.

I used a (plastic) spludger to lift one corner to start ‘peeling’ off the screen projector, but this corner does not ‘stick’ anymore. I guess the ‘glue’ used has been removed somehow. Maybe I should have used a suction-device or maybe something totally different (or should not have removed it at all).

Since Fairphone is all about repairing stuff, I was wondering if I could repair the screen projector as well? I read online their are multiple glue types used to ‘cure’ the projector to the screen, how-ever I cannot find out which one is used for the official fairphone screen projector.

It feels a complete waste to throw away a almost new screen projector. Does anybody know a procedure to repair the screen projector, allowing it to re-apply again?

How big is the corner that isn’t sticking anymore? If the rest still sticks correctly, I wouldn’t bother. I have a family member whose screen protector has a corner who hasn’t been sticking anymore for one or two years and it has never bothered him anyhow.

I guess you shouldn’t really have tried to remove it after one day. But a suction cup wouldn’t have been efficient anyway.

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Roughly 5x5 mm.

Good to hear it does not effect overall functionality. It does bother me just enough, wanting me to fix it :slight_smile:

It really doesn’t seem serious to me, would you mind sending a photo of it?

Well the best solution for me not to waste a screen protector and not to waste time/glue to find a solution would just be forgetting about it :wink: Is it really bothering you by hiding a part of the screen or by stoppng touch?

It does not stop functionality, I am just curious in how-to do it better next time and learn a bit on the mechanics of the screen projector used in the process.

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From the looks of it the glue used is not the ‘permanent’ type. No Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive (LORA), since it does not require curing with a UV light and can be removed without issues. Seems to be a Optically Clear Adhesives (OCA) film like 3M 8212, ARcare 92524 or similar is used to adhesive removable base, something in the line of:

Which makes be believe I damaged part of this film in the corner by improper usage of removal tools (read: trying to remove it at all).

I have played around and made a little hack which somehow fixes it. Using a wooden toothpick as tool. Slightly (1mm) lifting the corner in a dust free environment. Next I taken a few pieces of 3M scotch magic tape to transfer some ‘stickiness’ to the screen (repeat the process a few times). After this ‘sticky’ transfers I lowered the screen again. This allowed the corner to ‘almost’ stick again.

I did some further inspection with a microscope camera, after doing the hack, and this seems to support the hypothesis of damage of the adhesive film by using improper tools:

Not sure how long the hack it will last, but it is the best I can make of it. And will learn to live with it :wink:

PS: Would be great of Fairphone has a option during ordering to pre-apply the screen protector. Applying a screen protector in a factory based setting would make a ‘perfect fit’ possible :slight_smile:


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