RAW photos on fairphone 4 not possible or available?


I got a fairphone 4 which should be able to shoot RAW photos as I understood. I know how my girlfriend can activate RAW on her fairphone 3 but on mine either I do not find it out something is broken…
I also already tested Open Camera where there is no raw option…

How to resolve?


Hi have you looked at Open Camera > Camera API > Camera2 API ?

It should be possible at least with open camera

Thanks, that resolved the issue for OpenCamera. It was not indicated in the FAQs etc that you have to choose the API manually.

However, a good question would be how to do for the standard camera of FP4 as with fairphone 3, the default camera app can also do.

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On the default FP3 camera app go to the PRO option there is an icon top right (RAW) indicating that [dng] is the deafult

This was not implemented (so far)

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Yes, but this button is not there for FP4

Ah! Apologies I picked up on the FP3 and didn’t get that you were referring to the default camera app on the FP4 :blush:

You mean there is no PRO option on the FP4 or just no RAW option?

No raw. Please see the screenshot in my first post. Basically, it’s ok for me with OpenCamera but I thought once asked the question we could maybe also find the solution for the default app in this thread :wink:

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