Rapid battery drainage since the "R" appeared

Greetings community!

I have been quite happy with the fairphone for a while now and have practiced my patience with all the small childhood sicknesses it had.

But now, I am getting somewhat frustrated.

A couple of days ago this “wrong roaming” thing happened in germany. As far as I have read the posts, that was annoying, but nothing serious.

But since then, my battery has turned from a reliable companion to a crazy nut. Has it lasted a good day (on not so busy days even longer), it now lasts only hours. My saddest record has been about 5h.
I thought I had done something wrong, changed the display etc and turned “low” everything I could find, but it didn’t help either.

Than I checked the Battery-App, depicting the “what was using the battery up” (settings -> bettery -> “verlaufdetails”). There I have spotted a weirdness. The battery App declares that a main drainer is the display. But when ever the “drainage” ( a drastic decrease of the battery power) happened, the mobile network signal is big, bright green.

Now, most of the time, my phone is connected to the W-Lan, so there should be no need to request great amounts of data from the mobile network.

So I figured, since battery drainage and the roaming thing happened at the same time there is a connection?
Or are these signs that the battery might “bloat” (what ever that is)?

Please help me making the phone my trustworthy companion again!
Thanks in advance!

Try to manually select a network via settings > Network > More > Mobile network > SIM > Manually select network.

Maybe we can verify if the “roaming” and battery drain are related.

Hey, I think I can explain your problem with the “R”:

–> You probably using an SIM card which uses the the mobile network of O2 or E-Plus for data traffic - am I right? (also FONIC etc. counts)
If yes: have a look at this link. The bottom line is, that O2 and E-Plus recently startet a new collaboration to share ther mobile network coverage for data usage with the 3G standard in Germany. It means, if you have data usage and 3G (or mixed 2G/3G) enabled at your FP, it now can also use the network of E-Plus to have a faster data connection - then your FP shows the roaming “R”. (I don’t know if this is intentionally from O2/E-Plus nor if this message will vanish in the future). It doesn’t matter if you have WLAN enabled in parallel!

Example: at your home in the past you had only O2 and EDGE (=2G). Now the FP can also choose the HSDPA of E-Plus (=3G). The consequence is a higher battery drain! Especially if the networks are changed very often…

Possible solution: only use 2G (GPRS or EDGE) if you don’t need huge data traffic or disable data connection at all, if you don’t use it (which I would recommend in generell!)

BUT: All this don’t explain why you battery only lasts 5h!! Maybe your battery lifetime would decrease from … let’s say 48h to 30h - but not to 5h!!

Please consider a bad battery?
Possible Test: Can you try to disable data connection at all for 1-2 days and check, if battery lifetime is again as normal? If yes, you can report back here and anybody should help you to find out what’s happend.

Cheers, Robert

I will forward you to this post:

Does it help increase your battery capacity?

First of, thanks for all the help!

I wanted to try the “fresh start” thing, before I do anything else and the realised, that my battery has fallen victim to the “bloated battery syndrom” aswell. I just did’t realise, since the prtective case was holding everything in place.

Thanks everybody for the kind support here!

P.S.: Support has been contacted :smiley:


Good that you found out about your dangerous situation! :sunny:

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