Random SIM lock?

A couple of times a day my phone randomly asks me to unlock my SIM-card with the PIN. Sometimes when I try to unlock my phone with the fingerprint, or sometimes when I am actively using it. It started 2-3 days ago. Does anyone know how to fix this because it’s getting annoying.

Sounds pretty rare issue. Have you tried removing all security, deleting the cache for the phone app. Switch off then re-enable security.

Other than that a simple clean of the sim card and the fingerprint reader wouldn’t be amiss

I’ll try that now, see if it works ^^

I had this too until I opened the phone, took out the battery, took out the SIM card, blew into the SIM card slot and cleaned the SIM card and put it all back. I think it’s just the SIM card not staying pur well or dust on the connectors or so.


Cleaned the SIM card and the problem is solved. Thanks for the help!


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