Random Screen dimming (while brightness slider stays at 100%) after A12 update

This forum is being used as an issue tracker because of a lack of a public one. That is ultimately what this conversation is. Little difference exists in a forum and issue tracker except how the posts are handled, and since this post includes technical diagnosis and potential remediations of the problem (albeit probably all wrong) this is identical to what would be posted at an issue tracker.

Despite this, I object to this too – forums should be used for discussion about all but software development issues, although overlap exists, especially when the Q&A plugin is involved. GitLab and GitHub are better suited due to issue linking and source code integration for this task.

This forum already does and shall contain big reports. They’re fundamentally no different to any other kind of technical support request, so people will continue to post them because posts like this one are useful. It’s impossible to distinguish initially between what’s a bug report and support request, because the differences appear when they’re handled.


To me it seems that there is much more then “only a small number of devices” as @twoexem stated…and beyond that…yes, we all accept little issues and some minor comfort features to support the general idea of a sustainable cell phone . But nevertheless the main functions of a product must be available – otherwise the product itself tents to be worthless….and having a cell phone that I cannot use outside for longer than 2-3 minutes makes it really hard being an ongoing supporter of the original product; the main advantage of a small company is the excellent support in comparison to the big players – but exactly at this point it is disappointing, that the community and the affected users are not being heard /not being supported any better….


@Yasen_Tomov thanks for letting us know. I wonder two things:

  1. Why have you marked this topic as solved?

  2. Should we also expect some response in the beta gitlab? So far, it seems it is just a one-way communication channel for some of the issues…


A couple of things

  • You don’t need to tag Yashen if you have replied to their post as they will be notified as you replied to them, as I have to you. Further once a user has engaged with a topic they will be notified of any new posts unless they block them, which is unlikely in this case.

  • Regarding the notion of resolved, it may have been the original poster who tagged their topic as SOLVED in that they have a satisfactory answer to their query not necessarily that the actual issue not longer exists.

It’s nice to have a Fairphone employee respond here, but the post is extremely sobering in the end, as it states that we’ll probably have to wait a long while for a solution to the problem. It is also particularly brazen in this context that the issue was simply marked as solved here.
It shows that Fairphone currently has no idea why this problem exists and how lousily Android 12 was implemented here.
The theory with the temperature sensors is still halfway understandable, but I and several users also had the problem although the phone was not a bit warm.
The 2nd point with the proximity sensor I think is absolute nonsense, because this is to turn off the display completely and not just slightly dim.
This means that the July update will certainly not contain a fix.
I therefore ask again to offer a downgrade to Android 11 and as I said I do not care about any security patches, if I can finally use my phone outdoors again.
It is in my eyes an absolute farce that the problem has not been fixed after 4 months of Android 12 update and makes me every day just angry and this post, which should actually give hope, causes exactly the opposite.
I was so stupid to update to Android 12 and I really envy everyone who has not done so because Android 12 just brings quite a few problems with it.


Yep, that’s a completely unrelated issue and it’s present on FP4 since Android 11. See:


Just to clarify, it was not me who marked the topic as solved. The last Android 11 build for Fairphone 4 is available for download here.


I probably didn’t make myself clear, but I don’t want a manual installation including creating a backup, unlocking the bootloader and so on.
I want a simple way to downgrade my Fairphone without manual work, analogous to an update.


I marked solved, because so everyone can see the currenr state easily and not hidden in I dont know how many posts.

Overall I would kindly ask to nor further hijack this topic with general topics or other issues.

Yes that’s a problem. It doesn’t make sense that Fairphone would create an official down grade for you or a few others to A11 . . . what and then A10 where does it stop, this demand, and who is then going to be be held responsible . . Ah ! Fairphone as they provided the facility.

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Of course, this makes sense because android 12 offers a number of drawbacks and bugs that have been discussed here enough. I was very satisfied with Android 11. Android 12 has destroyed the phone in my eyes and I can’t really stand the current state one day longer. It would be the least on the part of fairphone due to the completely botched update to Android 12 to provide a simple way to return to Android 11, if they are not able to fix the known bugs in a timely manner.


But the issue it is not solved yet. We just got a confirmation that Fairphone knows about the issue and is working on it.

Currently, I cannot use my Fairphone most of my days at work. I work outdoors about 50% of my working hours, often, in the field or the forest. Under the current sunny conditions, I cannot see anything on the screen a few seconds after turning it on due to this issue, so now I had to resort to taking a different phone (an older iPhone) with me to the field while my Fairphone is laying on my office desk.

It’s a bad situation.


I didn’t mark it as solved, and I’m the OP. Someone with moderator access or above did that. I’ve reverted it, because although I’d like to pin the FP employee’s comment somehow, it is very much not the solution to the problem.

I’ll probably incur the moderating team’s wrath, but I don’t believe we should prematurely mark it as solved until it is. It’d be better to install a plugin that allows pinning posts.


I’m pretty sure there is that option, but at least you’ve removed the [Solved] icon :slight_smile:


you could have collected 10 or 20 faulty phones one year ago by just offering the owners a hazzle free replacement. then analyzing those phones, find the root cause and do the work you are apparently doing now, one year later.

By the way this was first reported, as in this topic on 6th Feb so only just over 4 months nowhere near a year ?? And this topic is not a support request . . .

If Fairphone took back phones they would wipe them and hence they would not represent the users use etc.

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@amoun , My aspect was regarding the ghost touches which were discussed here as well. and the thread on that is very very old.

taking back phones and wiping them would not remove the hardware issue which the ghost touches are so my proposal would have been helpful.

sorry for hijacking, but yasen’s post here was the first time a FP person said something to the ghost touch issue.

OH! that’s more scary, you could haunt other places, but there are so many and Fairphone are not the only ones with haunted hones and fouses.

Still if you prefer to hang around with those you are familiar with see

from way back in the twilight zone

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And please, please rollback the adjustment of the automatic brightness. With this change the brightness problems began:

  • Phone unusable in dark environment
  • Phone unusable in bright Environment