Random Reboots - when the phone is exposed to small shocks or pressure

I properly face the issue as described in

and also

I’m wondering how can figure out more details using logcat or LineageOS bug reports?

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maybe the logs include poweroutakes, but it’s unlikely, because if the power is taken away, it is usually unlikely that they have enough buffer capacitors to write a report like they do on SSDs

Did you try the known fix already?
I don’t think a log will help you much with a mechanical issue.


so otherway around, can I find something in the logs, when it is software related?

Le mer. 21 nov. 2018 à 13:18, Paula noreply@fairphone.com a écrit :

I don’t think that it is, but if it is you meight be successful. But first try clamping a piece of paper or cartboard under the battary

don’t really get that.
I’m only wondering if there would be definitely (at least quite likely) in the log files, if it is software related.

No, I want to say that I don’t think it is software related.

ok but generally it would good to know if reboots or other strange things are software and/or hardware related.
Some guidance of reading logs to identify such hints would be helpful :blush:.

You still didn’t tell us if you tried the folded paper fix. If that fixes it then you know immediately that it was a hardware issue.


thx for the link

Since I have done some test to narrow it down it didn’t happened again but I only removed and insert the SDCard could be that I also removed the battery.
I wanted to check if it is related to the SD as it is used as internal storage.
May I also removed the battery once but cannot tell anymore.

All that happened before I read all this here, so I want to prepared if it happens again.

I’m using Lineage 15.1 and didn’t have random reboots for a long time.
Only in one case the phone reboots, if it get’s a little mechanical shock falling down an landing on it’s lower edge. That happens sometimes when I place the phone on my music stand to tune my instrument. only 5 cm sliding down and stopping suddenly are enough. I think the battery looses the contact for a very short moment, what could be the reason for a reboot. So I will try to place a piece of cardboard on the small end of the battery across from the contacts.

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