Random reboots again?

I had a phone with random reboots, had it replaced by Fairphone, and the new one seems to work fantastically.

Or so I thought. But repeatedly, when I haven’t used the phone in a while, I am met by the screen that asks me to enter my sim card pin. I believe this might be because the phone has rebooted, but I haven’t yet experienced that it rebooted while using it (like my old phone did all the time).

Anyone have any insights?
I’m on the Fairphone Open OS.

What exactly does it say in Settings - About phone - Build number?

FP2-userdebug 6.0.1 FP2 fp2-sibon-18-02.0 release-keys
(I think, my phone is on Danish language, so I don’t have anything called “build number”)

@AnotherElk I think in this case that info doesn’t help us much since the special update has no new release number.

@mkborregaard do you remember installing the “special update”?
Since your replacement phone is probably quite new this should fix the reboots.
If not there is always the #rebootsguide with additional tips.

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At least it gives us 18.02.0, which wasn’t given before, and which makes the Special Update the next viable step … first things first :wink: .


Not sure I installed the “special update”, though I installed Fairphone open after the special update came out. The “updater” seems to think there are no updates for my OS.
But my “baseband version” is 4437.1-FP2-0-08 so I guess the special update is already applied?

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Maybe you could use the app “Logcat” (no root needed) and read out the log :slight_smile:
Maybe you can determine the cause of the reboots :slight_smile:
For this you also need adb on your computer :slight_smile:

What is curious about this , is that my reboots with the extension PCB stopped after doing this :smiley: so I´m not able to see why there were reboots but actually it´s okey because there aren´t reboots anymore :smiley:

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Check for newly installed bad apps. In my case reboots ended when I uninstalled a few of them. Logcat was helpful to find them.

Since this topic doesn’t constitute a new issue let’s continue this at the original random reboots topic if needed.