Random reboots After android 13 update

Very strange, I’m in Germany, Telekom.de, 5G, APN “internet.v6.telekom”.
No reboots since upgrade to A13 (more than 30h up).
Other settings are:
Roaming on
WLAN Call on
automatically select network on
Private DNS automatic

Edit: my SIM-card is at least 3 years old and my contract includes 5G

In the meantime, I have also switched 5G back on in the Vodafone network and also have no restarts. I’m also not sure if it really restarted, or if the SIM card had to be re-registered. In any case, it is currently running.

Same issue. Reboots every few hours since A13 update. This should definitively not happen :frowning:
Maybe too much attention went into a new phone?

Edit: disabling 5G has worked so far.


For me the reboots occur even after switching off 5G.
I updated all my apps to make sure it is none of them.

This is really annoying, since I use my fairphone 4 for business.

to exclude a third party app, you can run the FP some time in safe mode, dic:safemode
if still happening in safe mode, take out the SIM card and check how the SD card is formatted if external take it out as well. If formatted as internal extension, it might well be a root cause somehow.


Thank you for the suggestion with the safe mode, @yvmuell.
I have restarted my FP4 with the update in question into safe mode, but my phone still rebooted hard, even when 5G was switched off.
So for me even safe mode does not cure the issue.

Has anybody heard of an official statement of fairphone?
Resetting the phone with several different 2nd factor authentication apps installed is kind of a hassle.

What about this before resetting? Or switching off VoLTE?

I now switched back to 5G a few days ago and lo and behold. No reboots detected, only the one time.
Seems sicht for me at least somehow fixed itself.


That’s good news!

Regarding the

It is entirely possible that there were improvements on the network side. Ideally, the network operator noticed or got notified of the problem and made the appropriate changes.
(Or you are just lucky for now :wink: )

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Really, I have no idea why that is. I turned 5G back on last week Thursday and to this day there have been no restarts. Hard to say what it was due to. Maybe some things on the SIM card were updated. In any case, I can only say that the update currently works very well.

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I am facing several random reboots when using my phone after the update to android 13.
It reboots at random in different usescases.

  • Connecting my laptop via hotspot
  • Connecting my car via Bluetooth / USB (Android Auto)

In both cases it starts the desired action and after a couple of minutes my phone reboots. This is ALWAYS reproducable and keeps annoing me.

Is there a way to use my phone stable again?


Hi and welcome to the community forum, D!

I’ve moved your post to the already existing topic about the FP4 Android 13 random reboot issue.

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Same issue here. Reboots randomly even when locked, haven’t found a consistent cause yet.

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For Reference: I personally have not experienced any random reboots since performing the update. I only have 4G reception most of the time, but I did notice my FP4 getting 5G reception briefly a few days ago without any issues. I’m currently using the o2 (Drillitsch) network. Maybe we can collect some data here to check which providers are affected and wether some pattern emerges.

That being said: Earlier today my FP4 completely froze up (for the first time since performing the update). I was still able to turn the display on and off, but it only showed the same (somewhat glitchy) homescreen and did not register (or display) any touch inputs, despite the touch visualization options being enabled in the developer options. In the end I was forced to reboot the phone to get it working again. I haven’t experienced these specific symptoms before. Not yet sure wether this is related with this issue.

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Update: ‘Wenn man vom Teufel spricht…’

It just froze again. This time I took pictures:

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Same for me very annoying. Can I undo the update?:sweat_smile:

Can confirm. My phone just rebooted itself while using 5G. Hopefully Fairphone fixes it in another update

I hope you all dont only hope and all contactsupport


I have a significant inmprovement since I deactivated Bluetooth.
It might be either BT or the Garmin Connect App along with BT.

Will now switch on 5G again to see if it is still stable then.

I have random reboots whith 5G enabled when I move through different phone cells (e.g. when going by train). 5G without changing my location runs stable so far.

I contacted support.