Random reboot solution

My fairphone 3 rebooted 1-5 times a day. Any advices from other guides did not work. I followed this advice SOLVED: Why does my fairphone restarts 5times a day? - Fairphone 2 - iFixit
and this works:

“For me the solution was a small piece of paper. Fold it 3 times and place it between battery and phone on the opposite side of the battery-contacts.”

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For what it’s worth … both ✏ A little Guide to ... Fairphone's Batteries (FP1 & FP2) and ✏ A little Guide to... Random Reboots have this advice already.


It just comes as a surprise to me, that this is needed and works on the FP3 as well.

It might be a stupid question by me, but it is based on my own experience.
The back-cover of the FP3 is a bit tricky in my opinion. It can happen, that not all the latches really catch, leaving the back cover a wee bit open on one side ore in a corner.
And with the bumper this might co unnoticed. But it could leave space for the battery to move and loose contact, causing a reboot.
Could this have been the case?
Because I can’t remember reports of a reboot due to a loose battery, that can be fixed by the “folded paper” solution.


I’m sure this topic should be merged with one of those @AnotherElk has mentioned.

But for the FP3 as @BertG says there’s little or no complains about the battery being loose, and I have no problem with the little catches engaging.

So I’ve just checked, I do use a case. I removed the case and the back cover. I can moved the battery slightly by lifting it at the bottom but this dis not encourage the battery to fall out nor power down the phone. So I took an image of the battery cover.

This is for the FP3+ not the transparent cover of the FP3.

Note the back cover has varying thicknesses, contours, the lowest and therefore the thinnest is where the battery is, maybe this is to help cooling. To compensate for the lack of pressure on the battery from the case a surround of spongy plastic is added which presumably presses on the battery when the back cover is in place.

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