Random crashes FP3

Ive been experiencing random crashes with my fairphone 3
I cant really find any rhyme or reason to it,
The only thing that seems to help after such a “crash” is taking the battery out for a second.
Could it be a battery connection issue?
Has anyone else experienced these crashes?
(Im using /e/OS by the way)

How long have you had the phone before this started to happening? Given that you have found removing and replacing the battery helps it could be any module connection that is better settled in when you do that, so you may want to check all module connections are set properly.

Further it could be dampness so a thorough clean my also be valuable in finding a solution.

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Hey Amoun, thanks for the reply,
Ive had these since the start, battery looks pretty snug in there. hard to see if all the gold contacts make proper connection, not going to poke it there, seems a bit fragile :laughing:.

I’ll just see how it goes for now. but would be interested if someone else has had the same issue.

In case you reconsider taking the phone apart here’s a link to an in-depth example of disassembling the phone:-

Further did you buy the phone with /e/ as you could go back to the vendor?

There have also been reports of random crashes linked to network failure when switching between 3G and 4G and (2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi). So a question is how long is it on average before a restart and can you just use either mobile network or wifi for a period set to just one option. Though I would still consider a hardware contact issue as that is a bit easier to determine.

Lastly don’t put up with this too long as any request for official support only starts when you make it, on the assumption that it couldn’t have been too bad if you put up with it for ‘so’ long.

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-Oh I’ve had it apart, I just mean to say I’m not touching these tiny gold contacts inside the battery as they seem very fragile.

-I put on /e/OS myself

-It doesnt auto-restart, it just stops. It even doesnt respond to pushing the powerbutton at that point. The only option then becomes taking the battery out for a moment. Then it allows a restart.

-I’m going to try your suggestion to only use 4G for a while to see if the problem persists.

-Thanks for the advise on the support

You mean even pushing the power button for more than 15s (which should still work on a crashed OS state)?


Thanks Volker, I haven’t tried this.
I can try, when it happens again.
would that only cause a reboot?
or does it also go back to factory settings or into fastboot or something?
if i understand correctly you think it might be an /e/OS issue.(?)

Yes, it only forces a reboot.


I found some people with the same problem onthe /e/ forums:

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