Random blackscreen

Hello everyone,

My fairphone gives me a blackscreen and I don’t know how to fix it.

A couple months ago some liquid got intho my fairphone, after which the screen didn’t work anymore (blackscreen). However after opening it up and letting it dry, it worked again. After that I didn’t have any problems, until now.

This morning I got to work when I arrived I recieved a call (the phone vibrated) however the screen stayed black (so I couldnt see who called or answere). Since then I tried some things to fix it. I tried charging it (first the light was yellow now it is green again). I forced a restart, with that my phone vibrates however the screen does nothing. I tried taking it apart and putting it back together, making sure to really secure the screws. I tried taking it apart again and cleaning it with extra caution to the contacts of the display. But none of it worked.

Does anyone here have any advise on what I can try or should I find a fairphone doctor?

I have send you a PM.

One more thing to consider: After fastening the display screws, also make sure the plastic clamps that hold the display (just as much as the screws) are all clicking back into place. Have a look at the seam between the display module and the slim side of the FP3 and press along this seam step by step. You might hear the clamps clicking when they are back in place.

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Hello! I have a similar issue. I’ve written to support, but they take long to respond. Maybe someone here can give me a clue.

Last week I experienced “ghost” inputs on the screen, but I could still use the phone.
The next day the phone turned on (vibration feedback on power on, also my alarm went off in the morning), I could connect the charging cable and the charging LED turned on, but the screen stayed black.
I have tried the following without success:

  1. Recharge to full and restart
  2. Remove and reinsert battery
  3. Remove display module, clean contacts with isopropyl alcohol, reinstall module

I wonder if I should order a replacement screen module. Is there a way to tell if that is the cause of the issue? Also, if it doesn’t work, can I return the replacement module and get a refund?

Edit: I just received a reply from support. They say it is worth trying to replace the screen module, so I will do that.

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Replacing the display module has solved my issue. \o/