Radiation numbers (SAR) for FP5


I was looking for the radiation levels for FP5 and found the support page about SAR rating. On the page it is stated that the rating for the limbs are only 0,874 W/kg, which is extremely low (at least compared to FP3.) Are the numbers correct? Seems a bit strange that the numbers are the same for trunk/body and limbs measurements

Fairphone 5
SAR head (W/kg @10g) = 0.402 W/kg
SAR trunk/body (W/kg @10g) = 0.847 W/kg
SAR limbs (W/kg @10g) = 0.847 W/kg


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To me the numbers for the FP3 look more like an outlier than the ones of the FP5. Might be that it’s due to the antenna design that the FP3 has such high values. FP4 and FP5 are pretty close to each other and in terms of design those two devices are close to each other, too. So to me these numbers make sense if we are not looking at the FP3.
But other than that no one here in this user forum can tell you if these numbers are really correct.

Hi @Maria_H
I can confirm that those numbers are correct, as they come from a 3rd party accredited lab that tested the device before it was approved by GCF that, of course, reviewed the test report.

The numbers are relatively low indeed, but that is because the antenna designers did an amazing job :wink:
Especially if you think that we tested Fairphone 5 with 0mm separation (it is permitted to use a separation value up to 10mm, and that is what most of the manufacturers use).

The reason why Limb and Body share the very same value is because they are tested together, using the same methodology, and thus have the same absorption rate.

I hope this clarifies your doubts :slight_smile:


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