Quoting on mobile

There seems to be a UI bug with the quote button on mobile. I’m experiencing that quoting is aborted as soon as I touch the quote button with the highlight handles.

I’m using Fennec F-Droid on a FP1 with Kitkat 4.4.2

Can you confirm this behaviour?

works for me.

FP2, LOS, Lightning, either forum theme.

Quoting works, expanding the highlighted text and accidentially touching the quote button with the highlight handles aborts highlighting though.

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Not for me. :confused:

I can confirm this for the left border of the “Quote” box with Fennec F-Droid 65.0.1 on LineageOS for microG.
Highlighting doesn’t stop when touching the other borders for me.

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This is still an issue for me.

For me too, Firefox 68.1 on the FP2.

I’m using Yuzu Browser on FPOOS 19.08.1, no issues.

Start with highlighting the last word you want to quote, then extend to the first word. Probability of triggering the bug … minimal.


I fully agree. That’s what I also do to avoid the problem (which also happens with fennec browser on /e/ pie device).

Yep, that’s what I do. It’s merely a workaround though.

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Yes, it works, but I can’t quickly highlight the dot at the end of a sentence that way.

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Perhaps, but can quickly add it to the quote yourself once you are in the editor window.