Quick visit in Amsterdam?

I didn’t dare to ask but now that I’m here in Amsterdam for a week, it feels like a shame not to ask.
So, can I drop by your office sometime in the next 7 days and maybe buy a Coral Red case from you (if you actually have some at the office)?

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You better give Fairphone a call. Because this is a forum for Fairphone users and not Fairphone company.

Flagging for @Monica.Ciovica :slight_smile:

And pinging our Amsterdam #fairphoneangels @JeroenH :smiley:

I don’t have a coral red case, but if nobody replies I could quickly order one for you and meet you if you’re still in Amsterdam next week. Just seems a bit tricky. What if it arrives on tuesday and you’re already going back? Up to you.

I leave wednesday but if the cases aren’t stored in Amsterdam I guess I’d better order it myself.

Depending on where you are from, you can see whether there are #fairphoneangels in that area.

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Copiyng the mail response I got from Randy:

Hello Fairphoner,

Thank you for your message.

How much we would like to have you see our office and purchase a new slim case, I am afraid this is not possible since we do not have any sort of payment options available and we usually do not receive people at our HQ.

We really do appreciate your interest and support and please let us know if there are any further questions!


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