Quick charge and Battery calibration

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I have read that Quick charge is not good for the battery so I’d like to know how to load the battery without using quick charge : which type of charger can be used and with which characteristics ? Does a simple 1A or 2A charger is enough ?

My FP3 is new and I need to know if the battery needs to be calibrated ? Do I have to completely unload the battery before to load it to 100% ?

What do you do or what is your experience ?

Use a charger not capable of Quick Charge.

Although Fairphone implemented a supposedly battery-friendly mechanism for not fully quick charging the battery to 100%. From 90% on upwards, the phone will charge slowly, regardless whether Quick Charge would be possible or not.

Yes. Even less A will do. But use a USB-IF certified cable, if possible.


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I will install eelo on my FP3 once released, I don’t know if the Fairphone implementation will work with eelo but I guess not. I will root it to use an app to avoid loading over 80%.

I will read your thread about USB-IF cables.

Thank you for your advise.

My experience: Quick Charge warnings are mostly esoteric and offer no hard facts about negative effects on the battery.

Also, as @AnotherElk has mentioned already, Fairphone has come up with a proprietary “Eco Mode” hat charges with normal / slow voltage for the last 10 percent of the capacity. This cannot be switched off.

Since the battery is Li-Ion, it does not have to be calibrated IMHO. I use the charger and USB-C cable from Fairphone and am really happy with both.

Maybe there is some issues with some charger and brand : I have read that some Samsung device are heating a lot when quick charging, maybe the battery is damaged in this case.
For FP3 maybe the quick charging devices and process have been carefully checked by Fairphone …

Concerning the Eco mode do you know if it is a hardware or software “tool” ? If it’s a software one then changing the OS will remove it I guess.

I believe that with time smartphones are “loosing” the real capacity of the battery which is why it has to be re-calicrated from time to time.
This XDA link explain how to do with Li-ion battery but does not say why it is required : https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2192948
Note that it is an old article, but I think it is steel applicable.

I have bought the Fairphone Cable and I will plug it to my computer as much as possible to load my FP3 or with a non quick charge device.

Thank you for sharing your point of view.

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