Questions about fairphone 2 GPS and my issues with being scared

Hi guys!
I have just gifted a fairphone 2 to my girlfriend for her birthday. We both love the ideas behind fairphone and we have decided to try it out.
I have always been a power user and have mostly owned top of the line phones.
Recently though i’ve had a rough experience with my Samsung Note 3, especially with GPS issues. In short… the GPS has had problems for over a year and barely works when it does at all.

What I want to ask is… What if the GPS of the fairphone 2 breaks? Is it part of the mainboard, meaning that i’d have to spend a lot of money to change it or is it part of a smaller module?

And now that i’m looking into buying a new phone I am scared at the lower specs of the fairphone 2 and I wonder if there will ever be any upgrade modules…

I think I know the answer to this and have been lurking around the forums a bit and see that it’s a concern to a lot of people.

I guess I just wanted to throw out my 2 cents. Mainly though… i’m interested in the fairphone 2 GPS and it’s replaceability. I’ve seen that a few people have had problems with it!


Yes. It is part of the mainboard which is in the (most expensive) main module. But no fear, Fairphone replaces faulty GPS units within the first two years after delivery with no cost to you.

I think it’s a good idea to look at our news article collection, the latest article says something about upgrade modules.

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