Question: how to turn on screen?

So I am looking to use the phone with a bicycle but I see a problem: the only way I figured out so far to turn on the screen is by pressing the power button. My previous phone had front-facing power button, but the FP3 has it on the side and in a waterproof bicycle case/mount, it is very difficult to do so.

I have been searching Google for an alternative solution, but so far the closest thing I found is binding volume buttons or something.

The use case is simple: I have access to the screen but not the buttons. Can’t I turn on the screen through Google Assistant (without an Internet Connection?)? Or some other means?

Apps like WaveUp allow to dedicate the proximity sensor to activating the display. I’ve never tried it, you might want to have a look at its battery thirst.


Maybe there are apps that can make use of buttons on bluetooth or wired headsets? If BT then again battery drain may be an issue.
Don’t know whether a wired headset is a good idea on a bike though.

Hi If you have the setting to turn screen on at each notification you maybe able to use any bluetooth device to wake the screen by just switching on to send to a preset receiver like the phone.

If you can afford the battery usage or if you plan to use a map or navigation App anyway … in navigation mode those Apps should keep the screen on (if configured correctly).


Tried it once on my FP2, it uses nearly no battery. I believe it should be the same on the FP3.


Very nice tool. :grinning:
Easy to configure and I also like the pocket mode.


Yes, WaveUp is a really nice tool! But nonetheless I stopped using it because:

  • Used a noteable amount of battery. Not extremely much, but too much for my taste to come through the day.
  • I am a bit concerned about durability. When using WaveUp, the IR-Led always has to be active, which could degrade it over the years (of course you just could replace the top module then).

That’s why I really miss double-tap-to-wake (and all the other off-screen gestures) at the FP3+. Would be really nice if they could be added by a software update.
Makes it much more convenient to use the phone - at least in my opinion.


Yes a software on/off saves the power button degradation. I wonder why it was removed/disabled ??

I wonder if this got triggered accidentally too often. Like in the old days with physical keys, people’s phones would call eachother from their owners’ back pockets, all unbeknown to the owners … :upside_down_face:

Yes but then why not have a programmable double, so it could be set to tap| wait one second| tap tap etc.

and it was a user option

I doubt it just disappeared, usually when tap to wake misses it’s because of the firmware or because not supported by the hardware. Most phones I see have such a feature.

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Double-tap-to-wake is hardware-dependent, as far as I experienced it. If the hardware can’t do it, no software will get it to work.

On a phone which supports it the OS should offer a switch to enable/disable it.
At least it worked that way on the Nokia/Microsoft Lumias which had double-tap-to-wake (but not all of them had hardware which allowed it).

I can’t see this as a hardware feature. If the OS is running it only needs software to get it up and running.

One tap on my fingerprint sensor and all is fine, don’t tell me the screen can’t detect anything when the background lighting is off.

Plus there are apps that claim to do so.

Some of the newer Android phones already allow people to wake up their phones with a few taps, but getting this feature on a phone that doesn’t have it built in into the OS requires apps such as Double Tap Screen On and Off. With the help of the application, users can just tap on the screen to close it or to wake up the device. Of course, users will need to provide the app with access to the Accessibility services. Closing the display requires three taps to avoid some problems, and it’s possible that the fingerprint lock might interfere with the app.

Well sorry to have to tell you that yes. Some screens are not made for this, and integrating this feature makes it more expensive.

I think such apps don’t really switch of the display, some just cover it with black pixels (which is only useful in the case of an OLED display, and not an LCD), and most probably use more battery.


LineageOS can see it, for instance :wink:

All devices MUST NOT implement software based touchscreen wake features such as double tap to wake, swipe to wake or gestures if there is no hardware-backed support for them in the touchscreen firmware.


And additionally: Double-tap-to-wake does not unlock the phone. It just opens the lock-screen, so you can have a quick look at the notfications, jump to the next song, etc.
You still have to put your gesture/pin/password to unlock your phone and do calls.

This is the way all the other phones work with double-tap-to-wake. Or making an “O” on the screen to open the cam. Or make a “V” on the screen to start torch.

Of course, if people don’t like this: Just switch it off :wink: But in my opinion this makes things much more convenient.

Most likely, yes. If the touchscreen is not able to do that, then this will not work.
Another reason why Fairphone should offer an optional OLED-screen with off-screen-gesture-capabilities :wink:


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