Question about contacts and keyboard languages

Hello all,
I got my FP2 yesterday evening (FINALLY). My “old” FP1 will be handed to someone else. Anyway: its a big change from FP1 to FP2.
Contacts: On FP1 I was able to make “SIM contact” or “phone contact”, but the FP2 makes all newly added (not imported from SIM) contacts automatically “Google contacts”. (I’ve already turned off the synchronisation with Google) Whats that supposed to be? Is this the “new word” for “contacts on phone and on google servers if you dont deactivate the synchronisation before adding new contacts”?
Keyboard languages: I use to type in german and english, at the FP1 I was able to hold the “space key” and then my phone offered me the languages I downloaded and installed previously. Cant find that at the FP2.
I hope you can help me, as googling didnt really help me with that.

Check this topic:

Settings > Language & INput > Android Keyboard (AOSP) > Languages > unckeck “use system language” check all languages you use. Now long tapping space should give you the option to switch languages.

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Thanks, that helped.
Next Problem popped up: Cant find out how to tell the phone to save pictures and videos on the microSD and not internal memory. (using normal pre-installed camera app) “camera” settings didnt help, also not “memory”.

Please use the search function: