Quadlock Question

Has anyone used a Quadlock bike/motorbike connector? I have a couple of questions.
The universal connector attaches with a 3M adhesive patch which they say;

The 3M™ VHB adhesive will adhere to smooth, non-textured, non-porous surfaces such as plastic and metal. It will NOT adhere to rubber, silicon, TPU or soft touch coatings.

Universal - Universal Adaptor - Quad Lock® UK - Official Store (quadlockcase.co.uk)

Does this rule out using a Fairphone protective case? The alternative would be to stick it directly to the back of the phone. Can anyone see a problem with that?

As the back of the phone is just a thin plastic cover clipped to the phones housing, I woulnd’t dare to just glue that to a bikes handle bar. I would fear, that only the cover sticks to the bar and the phone is lying on the pavement.


That was what I was worried about. It does fit quite well and the bumper adds a bit of extra support but I am a bit sceptical about trusting it.

I have attached the universal Quadlock to the FP3 protective case and it is sticking with no problems. But now I need to work out if any of the Quadlock Ponchos will fit the Fairphone…

I’m bumping this as I’m looking at Quadlock myself.

I have been looking all over for a good phone mount that is fair and/or preferably made in the E.U.

Quadlock seems to be a popular mount, since I need to get something.

@ClareCat did you find a poncho that would work with the Fairphone 3?

No I didn’t! I wrote to Quadlock with the size of the Fairphone and they confirmed that none of the ponchos would fit. I do really like the Quadlock but when it rains I take my phone off and put it in my bag…

In the end I went for the SP Universal which seems to solve a few problems as it is waterproof. I’m pretty happy with it. I tried to fit it directly to the headset but that was too close to my knees on a road bike so then I went for the stem mount which works pretty well.
Universal Phone Case | SP Connect (sp-connect.de)

That looks like a great alternative.

Did you go for the M size or the L size for the case?

I just ordered the case and mount in the large size as this seemed to be the right one for the FP3.

Many thanks!

Yes large. It fits pretty well.

I’m currently using a quad lock system with my actual phone with my e-bike, and I have several questions about it. Will the 3M work with the back cover ? (in other terms, the back cover is made from soft, non textured non porous plastic, see attachement). Would you advice me to buy another back cover to glue the 3m quad lock on it or maybe it would’nt be enough strong to maintain the phone and it would be better to get a protective case when you will sell them ?

I decided against glueing anything directly to the back cover as I didn’t think it was strong enough. There is an offer on protective cases at the moment so you could buy one and try that. Even if the 3M glue doesn’t work maybe another product will.

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