Qr scan for element bolt pairing

Hi, just bought a Ff3. Trying to pair with an element bolt. I need to scan the QR code on the element bolt, it’s the only way to pair and the fairphone won’t do it. Have downloaded a barcode scanner app but it still doesn’t work withing the element bolt app. Any advice appreciated.

I don’t know these systems, but it may help others help you if you can be more specific about what does not work. For example is there: no camera view in the element app / a camera view but barcodes are not detected / a detected barcode but pairing does not happen successfully?


Hi,the camera opens in the element bolt app but does not scan the QR code.
Thanks, Maggie

Crappy app from Wahoo, as it seems. Plenty of users with other phones (Nokia, Sony, …) complaining here:

Why don’t they just over an alternative entry method for the pairing? I don’t get it.

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Ah thank you, so nothing to be done…also having problems with Google pay tho, even after downloading patch. Starting to feel this phone may not be mainstream enough for me. I’m not very techy! Just want things to work :grimacing:

Gpay shoud work just fine with the latest FP3 software release. Are you on A.0118 with Security Patch Level April 5, 2020?

Yes, does Bluetooth need to be on?

Nope. Google Pay uses NFC. Are you getting any errors?

It all appears fine, says it’s ready to go, but when I use it, nothing happens :thinking:

What payment methods have you added in the app? Where have you tried it?