Qr Code scanner disappeared from FP4

Hi there,

For years the QR code scanner was integrated in the camera app in my FP and could see the icon at the bottom of the screen. However, it has disappeared over the last few weeks. Where has it gone? Have you experienced the same issue? thanks a lot

Frankly I’m not sure Fairphone’s own camera app ever included this. Maybe you use an alternative camera app? (I hadn’t realized Google Lens serves as a QR code scanner.)

Either way, there’s a simple way to scan a QR code with your FP4 without installing anything anew. We only just discussed this a few days ago here, it should work on your FP4 just as it does on the FP5:

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I still have the QR code scanner icon in the stock camera app on my FP4.

You haven’t disabled the Google app recently by any chance? Because that would indeed remove the QR functionality from the camera app.


Thank you, I tried but the QR scanner doesn’t come out as an option in my FP4. It would have been good to add it to my phone’s quick overview.

I haven’t disabled any apps intentionally. What sort of apps would it be? Google Mail, Calendar, maps and Pay are working fine. thank you for your help.

Technically as far as I know, the scanning is done by “Google Lens”, but from own experience I know it’s the “Google” app which I had disabled and therefore didn’t have the QR scanner in the camera app at first. It only appeared after I enbled “Google”.
It’s this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox

Edit: maybe you need to install “Google Lens” first/again? But then, if that was a solution, the icon in the camera app should’ve never been there.

Of course it doesn’t really help when you don’t have a QR scanning tile in the full list of quick settings in edit mode, but I just tried the solution of the other topic and it’s there for me and I can move it to the “active” tiles. And then it can be used to scan codes.

Alternatively you could simply use the one that’s built within e.g. Firefox and directly open the link within the browser.

By the way, have you already completed today’s FP4 system update? Apparently the main body of the update is a major camera app overhaul. Perhaps this might restore the QR code scanner in your camera app?