QR code, how to scan it

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Please, can anyone tell me how to scan a QR code with the Fairphone 3?




I don’t know, if there is anything different with the FP3.
As I know it, you need an App and a camera.
Apps can be found on f-droid.org as well as in the playstore.
Here are just 4 examples from f-droid:

Searching on f-droid you will find much more apps.
I have just very briefly tested the first two on my FP2 and they seem to work.

I just changed the first link to the english version.


I use this one as it can also generate QR codes, not just scan them. It’s pretty lightweight and
requires minimal permissions.

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I use “Barcode Scanner”, which is available on Google Play as well as F-Droid. It can also generate QR codes from within the app (application link, bookmark, contact, clipboard, custom text) or via the “Share” function in other apps (for example from the web browser).

The SecScanQR I linked above, can generate QR-codes as well and - compared e.g. to Barcode Scanner - it requires way less permissions.

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A lot of barcode scanners use elements / APIs from zxing. The app originally distributed as part of that codebase is the ‘Barcode Scanner’ app linked to above (com.google.zxing.client.android). I tend to just stick with that, as I’m never clear on what was added in other apps, and don’t really find I miss any functionality.

All this is assuming that the FP3 camera app doesn’t automatically check for QR codes (I’m kind of assuming that you opened the camera app and pointed the camera at a QR code only to get no response). Some phones/camera apps do.

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With my previous Samsung S8 with Android I was able to scan QR codes with the standard camera app. Is this also possible with the FP3?

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In Android there is Lens (from Google) that does well the job.

QR code scanning is also possible with the Browser “Vivaldi”.

Open the QR Code scanner in Vivaldi
There are three ways to access the QR Code scanner:

  • From the right side of the URL field;
  • Through the search widget;
  • By long pressing on the app icon and selecting Scan QR Code.


Of course you will have to allow Firefox to access the camera which I don’t. I’m not keen on allowing a browser to have ‘unfettered access’ I would prefer a dedicated scanner even if it’s not totally secure. However maybe I should put more trust in Firefox :slight_smile:

You do not have to allow Ff unlimited access; you can say “just this time”.

Hi and welcome to the forum

You will note my text is a quote, i do not use FIrefox in this way.

However the term ‘Unlimited Access’ does not imply any permanence. The ‘Access’ although unlimited, in it’s scope, is subject to the users choice of temporary or permanent.

Thanks for the extra input it may be of some comfort to those in a hurry and missing the option.

How may I upload a QR reader to scan a QR code?

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Barcode works it reads the url beind my qr code but it doesn’t allow to open it in browser, what’s the point? :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: sharing it with the browser works…

If I scan a URL type QR code with Barcode Scanner , the URL gets opened in the browser immediately, which is configurable in the App.