PushTAN and Fairphone

Hello everyone,
I recently switched my bank account to a complete online one. Now I need to choose between chip and pushTAN… I decided pushTAN as I have a “modern mobile device” aka FP1U.
So what else do I need except the pushTAN app from my bank? Any security tools recommended? Or any special phone settings to prevent abuse of my bank account?

Hm, noone got any idea? :frowning:

What do your bank recommend?

I would recommend at least an anti-virus app. AVG does a free version which works well and this includes scanning messages and your online surfing.

Most modern banking apps have an element of security in them already to prevent breaches, and I would always recommend you follow whatever instructions your bank give because then you can never be accused of being negligent if you do suffer some kind of online fraud.

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Alright, I am pissed now. I downloaded and installed the app, and what does it say? “The device is rooted, you cant use the app here.”
(Its the DKB pushTAN app, if that helps anyone…)
Any help with this?

Unfortunately there is no hard and fast way to unroot the fairphone.

There are some DIY approaches which may get your app working, these usually involve hiding the presence of root from the particular app.

This topic may be helpful

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Thanks for your help, seems I need to contact my bank to get the required stuff to use chipTAN…
(My offline bankaccount seems so stress-free right now.)

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