Push-TAN app (Sparkasse)

Hello everybody out there using Fairphone 2 Open OS,

My bank (Sparkasse; Germany) is providing me with a push TAN app, which says it would not run on rooted phones.
Does anyone know a possible fix for this?

Kind regards,

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You can try to install Magisk (what will actually root the phone) and hope the hide root function works.

Else I use the FP2 with Lineage OS and Gapps Pico, but without a Google Account and everything execept Play services deactived and have no issues with the App


These banking security apps often refuse to run on any kind of custom ROMs - regardless if they are rooted or not. I’ve had the same issue with SecureGo and SantanderSign on LineageOS. That’s the main reason why I’m back on FP’s stock ROM.

I hate banks for that. Why do they always use some crappy proprietary in-house developed junk app instead of developing a common european standard that everyone can use. I had so much trouble with my bank that I’m considering switching banks for the second time mainly because of these damn apps not working. I currently have the PC version installed on a Windows VM because of course they also don’t provide a Linux version.

Moreover, rooting your phone should be nothing special. Imagine selling a Windows computer to someone but telling them that you removed the administrator account. Everyone would look at you like you were an idiot, but for phones it’s apparently normal.


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