Push notifications for Signal not working


I’m continuing the discussion from here. I’m not able to receive Signal messages until I open the App. I am very sure this is caused by Google Cloud Messaging, since another messaging app I use (Kontalk) which does not rely on Google, does work. I made sure I installed the latest Signal and OpenGApps versions, but it doesn’t work.

I appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Try to delete and reinstall signal. Had this issue already a couple of times, that push notification was broken, reinstalling the app helped me.

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Ok, ich hab die Lösung gefunden: die Hintergrunddaten von den Play Services waren deaktiviert… Da hätte ich auch selbst draufkommen können… :unamused:

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In English please!? :wink:

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So unfortunately activating the battery saver also prevents signal notifications. :unamused:

as a sidenote the Signal Devs are now planning on removing the dependecies for GCM.
Hopefully that ends a lot of hassle and will enable (not yet techies) like me to switch to FP Open! :slight_smile:


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