PS5 Controller has wrong mapping

Hi there,

I use the remote play app and connect my dual sense controller to the fp4. I use the new android 12.

Is it only me or does someone else have this issues? Don’t know if it’s an problem of the Bluetooth config or something or if only the remote play app is bad…

Maybe someone knows how to enjoy playing PS5 on fp4.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I can probably test this for you this weekend.

I have this issue too.
Did find this, perhaps this is not resolved on FPOS?

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Thank you. Now we only can hope that someone reads that and fixes it in an update… Or it will be fixed with android 13…

Sorry, forgot about this. Connected with the remote app of my PS5 and linked the controller via Bluetooth. The mapping is indeed wrong, but also the thumb sticks are are mess. It doesn’t seem to be a Fairphone issue though.

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