Proximity Sensor: Pocket Mode?


I’m new here in this community and signed up because I’m really tempted to buy a Fairphone 3 to support this idea and project. However, I’m also about worried about its future, software-wise.

Anyway, had the opportunity to get my hands on an actual FP3 today for a couple of minutes and wondered, whether it has a proximity sensor and if so, how it is used? Is there some kind of “pocket mode”, which prevents the screen from being turned on if it’s in the pocket and I accidentally press the power button. My current phone has this and I’m really glad it does because I sometimes hit the button while repositioning it in my pocket. I can imagine not having a pocket mode could cause the screen being turned on for a long time, which could drain the battery. When I played around with the demo phone myself, I could still turn on the screen even though I covered the top part of the phone with my hand.

Any experiences/opinions about this? Thanks! :slight_smile:

There is no pocketmode to date.

But in my opinion this is no problem at all. The power button is located on the side of the phone nearly in the middle, and accidental presses are seemingly rare. If the button is pressed anyhow, there is still the lock screen which prevents the phone from turning on completely. This lock screen also turns the phone of again, if there are no inputs registered whithin like 10 seconds.

Edit: With my old phone i had quite some occasions, where i pulled it out of my pockets and it had already launched some apps, typed some random texts or called someone, but I never had a PIN or password required to unlock. With the fairphone 3 I have PIN-unlock activated and this has never occourred to me until now.

Thanks for your reply! Too bad it’s not available. Do you know what the proximity sensor is used for then? Does the phone turn off the screen during a call?

Yes, proximity sensor is used for the usual stuff: Turning off the screen during phone calls, playing whatsapp audio through earpiece and such.

Oh great, at least something :smiley: Thank you, @NYMBSW0phe!

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