Proximity sensor, bluetooth on lineageOS / firmware upgrades


i am running lineageOS (LOS) 20 (android version 13) and have certain issues with my phone:

  • proxmity sensor not working
  • positional (x/y) sensor not working (used to work with an older LOS version, stopped some time ago)
  • bluetooth range problem: headphones only works on very small distance / headphones work on other HW)
  • camera: newer model, but rather disappointing quality + shutter speed

asking in LOS IRC how to fix this problems i got the answer: “install stock rom, and re-install LOS”.

obvoiously i would like to avoid this extra loop if possible. i also understand that you are not responsible for LOS at all. nevertheless - same questions arise:

(1) your stock rom “fairphone OS” contains firmware which is obviously not contained in LOS? if true - is there a possibility to provide this firmware to the LOS project?
(2) is there a possibility to obtain the latest firmware file(s) for proximity sensor, bluetooth + camera chip and flash them manually? do you provide this drivers as separate files with fairphoneOS, or is this one single blob?
(3) can you elaborate what customizations you apply to the ‘base’ android version to obtain your fairphoneOS?

thx in advance,

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