Prototyping Shield with charging port (e.g. QI)

Hey Drezil,
I think all of those reciever-PCBs are quite similar :slight_smile:
I hope this fits, but I took almost every free space in my case, so that`s the best I can do for now.

Yeah sure it will be offered on shapeways!!

I tried printing such phonecases so many times but it seems it doesn`t work with FDM-printing … But SLS on Shapeways should be working nicely !! :slight_smile:

This is link for the shop:

Here I’m selling the variations of the cases but it’s more or less the price you would normally pay on shapeways plus about 1,5€ ( for further develompent ). I hope this is okey for potential buyers of this case :slight_smile:

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Made some programming adapters !!
Together with some pogo pins and an broken usb-cable this will be great !! :slight_smile:
But I think the use of such a adapter is not urgent because the board can also be programmed by the fairphone with apps like Arduinodroid.

PCBs and cases arrived !!
Too nice !!

I also updated the app a little bit !! :slight_smile:

DIY extension on Youtube: Hallo World || Controlling via app


Boards are working nicely !!
When the WS2812B arrive I`m able to send out the soldered PCBs :slight_smile:
Who needs one ? :slight_smile:


Amazing stuff, dude.


Thanks, thats allways nice to hear :slight_smile:


Hey fairphoners !! :slight_smile:slight_smile:
here are some updates on this project:

programming adapter:

I finally had time to solder up the programming adapters, like you can see :slight_smile:

Together with a cable tie the result is quite satisfying:


The new version of the case has also arrived from shapeways, this time in blue.
And now I want to show you how to enhance the pcb with QI-charging.

1. Open the enclosure of the qi-charger and remove the PCB with the coil carefully:

2. Now put the PCB on the adhesive foil as shown in the following picture:

3.Stick the adhesive sheets together again:

4. Grap your enamelled copper wire (it`s soldering time):

5. Cut two peaces with a length of 11 cm and remove the varnish on all ends with a sharp knife:

6. Clamp in the PCB on a peace of metal (to get a smooth back):

7. Grap your soldering iron and some tin:

8. Now put the PCB into the case and form the copper wire with a tweezer:

9. Solder the copper wires to the reciever board:

10. Reunion ( put together what belongs together ):

Right now I don`t have a QI-charger to test but I will borrow one from a friend !!

@Drezil what do you think?

Those who want the PCB could also get some copper wire, pogo pins or the milled programming adapter!! Just ask :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!!


Have the WS2812B finally arrived? or is there an ETA for them?

How is your Jugend-Forscht-Projekt going? Haven’t read through the whole proposal-document yet, but how it is coming along with those deadlines? :slight_smile:

I still have to order some parts for that tinker-board (like atmospheric sensors (CO, Benzenes, etc.)). How do the pogo-pins work on the thing you soldered together? For me they look “too long”. Do they connect reliably?


nah… WS2812B are still not in house …

JugendForscht is just working fine but for now I only had to write the documentation :slight_smile: on 2. march I have to do my presentation but that isn`t so hard :slight_smile:

the pogo-pins are somekind an alternative for the other programming adapter :slight_smile: the negative side of the pogos is, that you have to press them down to the port of the pcb :slight_smile: but normally they have a better connection :slight_smile:

I also thing that i will adjust the case, so that there is more space for the qi or so :slight_smile:

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I could also add some ICs or components to your package if you would like that.
I thought of small potentiometers, LDRs, SMD transistors, female breakaway-headers, SMD switches or buttons :slight_smile: i think that would be cool for tinkering and with a little bit of soldering practice it’s no problem to bring them on the board :slight_smile:


This project will become open source :slight_smile: I will release the data on my hackaday account !! :slight_smile:

Edit: Files can be found here. :slight_smile:
Have fun with them !! :slight_smile:


The WS2812B’s have finally arrived !!
The next week I will be able to solder everything and load the bootloader !! :slight_smile:

So those who want one should text me or like this post !! :slight_smile:
Better be fast I only have 9 boards :slight_smile:

Also tell me if you need cooperwire or some other components like the programming adapter :slight_smile:


-> -> Those who want one can send me their address and can get further information in PM!! :slight_smile:

EDIT: new case version with more free space :slight_smile:

EDIT: programming adapter not needed !! EASY sketchupload via ArduinoDroid possible !!

=> How to upload without adapter ? => ArduinoDroid as uploader


All you need to know about the extensions available for the FP2: extension-WIKI :slight_smile:

UPDATE: App and sketch finally available !!

=> “Extension Control” on PlayStore (free to download)
=> sketch for use with “Extension Control” on GitHub


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The shield-fever got me…

This will be a soundreactive addon for the DIY-shield !! :smiley:
The NeoPixels will make the deal :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Hey this looks great! I’d like to get one as well. Just cant send any PMs…

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I wrote you !! Check out your PMs or doesn`t this work at all?

I really love your attention to detail, like the inscriptions on the circuit boards. :heart_eyes:

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If you have the fever, you habe the fever !! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great!!! I did not know that the comunity is already up to this!
I made a concept back in 2015 but never really did something wiht it.

Awsome work!

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For those who haven`t seen it :slight_smile:
=> IR-remote via FP2

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