Protective case suggestion

Hi guys,

I am thinking of getting a FP3 soon.
I see you are working on a protective case, is there any way you could include in the design some slide that we could use to cover the camera, such as the webcam cover that we put on laptop works?
I think it is a nice privacy friendly feature and also nice for people around as they don’t get to think that you are taking a picture of them.

I feel like it would be a nice addition and differentiator to an already amazing phone!


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Where did you see this:

Probably refers to the 3rd FAQ here:


That is correct
" We’re currently in the process of designing a protective case for the Fairphone 3 that will make as little impact on the environment as possible. Sign up to our newsletter to receive product updates and all the latest Fairphone news."

This is a community forum, so not the company.
Fairphone staff might read along and engage, or might not.
In the faq where you read “I see you are working on a protective case” you are invited to Sign up to our newsletter to receive product updates and all the latest Fairphone news.

Thank you for your answer. I did indeed sign up for the newsletter.
I could not find any other place to give suggestions and the newsletter will not allow me to do that. I understand that this might or might not be read and taken into account.


Maybe you can reach out to the fairphone team via email, or their social media, if you want them to consider your opinion about covers.

Also you could check out this thread, design and print a individual cover by yourself, and/or ask somebody there to help you out with that if you’re not into that kind of stuff.

Thanks a lot, I did just that!

Well, such a forum with lots of external experts using your product, who are willing to help with their knowledge for free (!) is the dream come true for every quality manager who knows what “risk-based thinking” is all about…

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