Protected Apps (Apps protected by a pattern)

I found under “data protection” in LineageOS that it is possible to protect apps by a pattern.
The apps disappear after the protection and appear again only after using the pattern.

I think it is not really an encryption of the apps and only a little protection if you hand the phone e.g. to a colleague to show him your holiday photos and to avoid that he reads on this occasion your mails. Therefore the question:

Does it bring more safety if unencrypted phone is lost or stolen?

Nop. It only hides apps in launchers, as you pointed. App data is still available in the same location, unencrypted.

Encrypting and setting an unlock pattern is the only way to safe the data on any Android phone.


Prior to asking questions in the Forum i always look into the Fairphone - and Lineage Forum but did not find any info. Therefore, many thanks for the quick and clear answer!

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