Proposal for "Year in Review" plugin

Not really an issue. But the yearly review plugin (official from Discourse). Can nicely show the most popular things on the forum. It’s not installed on this forum.

An example:

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If ypu want to see that, you can go to Fairphone Community Forum and Fairphone Community Forum


True, but it’s still nice to get that overview as a way to look back at the year as a community. I think it’s nice anyway :slight_smile:

To be honest I still don’t get why the plugin is needed.
As @Stanzi mentioned you can find all the user information (displayed also by the plugin) in the user area (and you can select “one year” period if you’re interested in that; so you’ll have the review for one year).
The “top” information (displayed also by the plugin) can be found (at least much of it) when selecting “top” menu (and for every category if you select the category first).
The only advantage of the plugin might imho be that you find everything on one (long) page…


Fair enough. The benefit I see is that everyone will reflect on the year at the same time. Which can give a nice community feeling and a collective reminder about what has been discussed this year. It can be done manually by an individual at any moment. The difference is that the community as a whole can reflect. But it was just an idea. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the explanation.
I personally still don’t see the installation necessary.
Thank you for the proposal anyway. Much appreciated!


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