Properly reset the FP2 OS with fastboot?

Hello !

Last week I did several tests with my rooted FP2 and eventually messed up with the permissions… The phone is still booting but Google Play Services/ Hangouts / Youtube crashes at startup and several apps are not functioning… Annoying but not a big deal, I did a adb-backup and all my data is safe :slight_smile:

I went to the parameters and did a factory data reset (Settings > Backup & Reset), however with the fresh-new system the bugs are still there. The adb-restore didn’t help either, as I now understand this is more a app+settings backup (like in Titanium backup) than a partition-wide backup (like TWRP recovery).

The wifi internet is not functioning (actually it connects to the access point but then displays errors like DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET or ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED).
Amaze file manager cannot access the content of my SD card (even if it is listed in Storage).
Thus the only ways I see to clean up the stuff is either to reinstall the OS with fastboot or do a Hard Reset…

Concerning the fastboot re-installation : how to do that the good way ? I read on that I can install FP-OpenOS and then reswitch to FP-OS with the Fairphone-Updater. The command is

fastboot -w update

The “-w update” intrigues me : does it means that this will update the original OS and that a risk of conserving the bugs exists? Or this image file is a full-OS and can be also installed on any OS ?
(I intend to test Sailfish and Ubuntu beta’s later, and I wonder I there are others ways to revert to FP-OS in addition to TWRP…)

Thank you !

-w is wipe. It should first wipe the different partitions before re- installing them,so i think that’s what you want.

Though if you plan to go to FP OS, flash FP OS, and not Open OS. How to: see here:

If your plan is to install SF OS, you can do that on top of Open OS 16.06.

Thank you for the explanation, I flashed Open OS and now my FP2 is fully functional, without bugs !
I like the simplicity of Open OS, I’ll stay with that instead of going back to FP OS :slight_smile: