Project FP2 paused

After a few of using FP2, with Fairphone Open, rooted, I’ll switch back to my lumio.
Several apps started to stop working

  • Firefox klar halts after remove one of the opened tabs
  • same for Firefox and it continued to do so after removing all restrictions in xprivacy lua
  • AF firewall stopped working
  • got several System UI messags (just System UI, opening to Klok, in which I’ve added an extra alarm)
  • enzovoorts …

It’s too hectic to have to put time in debugging, figuring out what the problem is, right now.
So, in a month’s time, I might give it another go.

What seems to be the most stabile OS for FP2, nowadays?


Keep the root use to the minimum possible if at all. A lot of root apps are quite crappy… and Xposed/Magisk always seemed quite intrusive to me.

The most stable Android OS —in my experience— is LineageOS. Give it a try, you won’t probably need extra, unreliable mods no more.


Thanx Roboe,

I will definitely give LineageOs a try!

What defines an app as a root app, are those the ones asking for root access?
If that’s the case one should use ‘root apps’ as little as possible, right?

I’ll check if Magisk is installed. Don’t think so.
xPrivacy (lua?) is installed. That seems quite useful, don’t know if that made FP2 instable.

That’s it.

XPrivacy is a Xposed module. Magisk is a systemless Xposed, so… one of them is installed in your FP2, for sure. Anyway, you have wifi/mobile data controls per app on LineageOS plus Privacy Guard for other permissions. A bit more rudimentary, but it serves the same purpose as XPrivacy.

If you find those less convenient, then you could re-install Magisk+XPrivacy Lua. Xposed is probably better tested over LineageOS than other random OSes.

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