Programming Data to turn off at night


I am happy with my fairphone 3, and try to extend the life battery to the maximum.
I don’t turn off the phone at night, but usually turn the wifi and data off manually. I also activated the sleep mode that turns everything grey after a certain hour and puts the “do not disturb” mode on.
I am looking for a way to automatically turn off the data after at the same time, because I forget to do it sometimes or don’t want to go to the screen just for this (I 've got big some eye strain).

Any idea ? I haven’t found online… maybe IFFT but is there more simple ?

I assume you will need a tasker app for this like e.g. Macrodroid


But you leave the bluetooth and NFC transmitters and receivers on??
If you use the ‘Do not disturb’ are you seem happy not to receive calls and notifications.

If that is the case just enable aeroplane mode, which switches of, (network, wifi, bluetooth and nfc)

One click at some time in the evening :slight_smile:

I use about 2% to 3% battery over a long night. Sometimes I don’t turn it on first thing in the morning and that’s 3% for 12hours

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Unfortunately afaik you’ll need root to turn on/off mobile data by an app.


And root your phone for using macrodroid system actions

I am sorry I did not answer you guys,
Thanks a lot for your answers.

So in the end it seems that there is no solution to my question without rooting the phone. I don’t know what eneregy consumption would be reduced by such an app but I think that would be important if a lot were to use it :

I guess when you go to sleep you don’t want to be disturbed by notifications (that is why the “do not disturb mode” exists) but you still wanna be warned if someone calls you (that is why I keep my phone one). If you only keep the phone on without data, very little battery is lost, if you keep it all, sometimes the phone is empty in the morning.

I’ll try to learn how to use IFTT then, but like @amoun said, you really can save a lot :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update.

I think the data power usage is only down to apps continually checking for updates and notifications. There is no extra radio transmitter that activates that could use more power.

Generally I would switch to aeroplane mode and keep the wifi calling on at night. With a stronger wifi signal than network the phone doesn’t have to use so much power to communicate.

Anyway who needs a programme or really wants one when you can turn data off when you don’t want it?

Hi all,

Thanks for keeping the discussion on,
I was thinking of contacting either android of fairphone to create a small add-on for this. Cause :

  1. I really think a lot of power is saved that way : when I turn on the energy saver at night, then the phone is loosing 15/20% max for a night while it can loose maybe up to 40% if not turned on.
  2. Most people are lazy or have many other things to care than turning on an energy saver at night. Putting it by default on every android phone, just for the night or just when the phone is on “sleep mode” might be able to save a lot of energy I think, with a very little cost for the users. If you want to use your phone at 100% capacity, you would just need to turn off the sleep mode.

I know we all have different use of the phone. For me the most important is to save my eyes. I have very sensible eyes and get headaches if I watch screen to bright or without glasses. So sometimes I am a bit lazy to get my glasses to turn the energy saver on. Another case - more common I guess - is when you go party or come back late and forget to plug the phone at night. You wake up in the morning with an empty one or a very little percentage, and using the phone with that little battery would reduce it longevity. You might find it convenient that the phone saved itself during the night. That would be like a super screensaver for the night, when you don’t need to check emails or match on tinder :wink:

Am I still alone super enthousiast on this ? any idea how I could submit it ?
I think you all don’t care about apps checking updates and notifications while you sleep.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I just go to aeroplane mode for the night ~ 2% loss over a lon night of 12 hours.

You can contact support@fairphone dotcom if you want to talk implementing ideas, be nice to see what they have to say.

I’ll try to reach them thanks.
Still I don’t think I get a real big adhesion on my idea :slight_smile:

Airplane mode would cut off phone calls that can be necessary. that is the only reason I don’t turn off the phone at night (I don’t use it as an alarm).

Apart from what you consider necessary, given how many such calls you get that are important to you.

If you have wifi-calling option you can use aeroplane mode then enable wifi…
The wifi radio may use less power than the network as the phone doesn’t have to send a signal so far and up the power to do so…

You can do a test

  1. wifi only (aeroplane mode)
  2. network only (no wifi, data, bluetooth, nfc)

I’ll leave my wifi on one night and see how much it uses, without I get 2% usage over 12 hours in aeroplane mode if charged to 100%

This is not the solution you’re looking for probably but I suggest that you should check Google assistant capabilities about executing tasks (search Google for “google assistant routines”).

For instance… at nigh I say “OK Google… goodnight” and it does all the operations I’d do manually (turning down the volume and disconnecting the data connection).

In the morning I turn on data connection (Google assistant doesn’t work without data connection), I say “OK Google… good morning” and it increase the volume, tells me if I have any Google calendar reminders for the day, etc.

Give it a try, it could be interesting.


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