Products you could see or want Fairphone to make

Is there any product that you would wish where on the market for the consumer and that your self maybe would by and is sort of in the spirit of Fairphone products (excluding mobile phones).

Personally I could see the market and need for repairable powerbanks/battery chargers. The majority of them are dissposable when the batteries are worn out. Though I have found the Xtar PB2S and Xtar BC4 very nice. These are combined batterychargers and powerbanks. PB2S for 2x 18650 batteries and BC4 for 4 x AA batteries. Been using them alot on travels and outdoor hikes. Though the waterresistance i suspect is very poor so have been careful with them. I could see Fairphone make a similar product as these (but with some better build quality and better IP rating) to “solve” the problem with disposable powerbanks.

An tablet ofcourse but that’s discussed in.

Any other product you might think of?

I found that interesting, and the internet had this here with some considerations and practical experience … Using 18650 Batteries as a Lightweight Power Bank for Backpacking - Mom Goes Camping

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