Product Suggestion: Clear View Screen Protector

AFAIK there are two options for (original fairfone) screen-protectors: privacy and blue-light filter. Im a little confused - why is there no “normal/clear-view” option. It shouldnt be too complicate to manufacture compared to the two existing options and would surely be the go-to option (at least it is on nearly all other phones).
I searched for third party clear screen protectors but couldnt find any options of comparitive quality to the ones from fairfone.
This “hole” in the market is a bit weird and i would be amazing if fairfonme could "patch " it.


Please see Glass screen protector for FP5 - #8 by Dryhte I cannot understand why Fairphone didn’t provide a case which wrapped around the screen or a clear screen protector. I just cannot see why they did not keep on with the FP2, frankly.

Neither of those 2 options were good for me so I bought a triple pack of tempered glass screen protectors from Amazon. I wouldn’t recommend them though. They work well enough for me and they don’t foul on the official case nor a custom 3D printed case I had mode, but the fit doesn’t quite avoid the selfie camera so it makes the bottom edge of the image fuzzy.